Thursday, December 10, 2009

Unique LA is Awesome!

We had such a blast this year at the Unique LA show! So many wonderful fellow artists and designers, and lots and LOTS of amazing people there to support us all! The most heartwarming part had to be the fact that several people came up to me and told me that they know me/my work from online, or came back this year specifically to get more of my work!
Here are some photos!

The handsome Aaron Szylewicz(aka the Hubs and Enchanted Leaves partner in crime!), showing off the NEW Silver Scissor Necklace. Also, here are the new designs for the Glass Mushroom necklaces, the Real Leaf Necklaces, and a brand new item: Acorns! All of these available online soon!

The dynamic duo! Nedda Shishegar-Szylewicz(right) and Aaron Szylewicz(left)

There are many more designs and design updates that I plan to list on the Etsy shop and the website by the end of the week!(friday the 11th!)
I hope everyone is having a fun and warm week :)