Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beads for sale!

Enchanted Leaves is having a bead EXTRAVAGANZA sale! We would like to clean out our old inventory of beads to make room for all the new things to come.

Sorry! Everything is now completed SOLD OUT!

Thanks to everyone who participated


  1. Those are all amazing, though I probably couldn't use that many beads....I was just interested in some leaf beads and maybe a fairy pendant or two and spacers. Not sure what to offer, so I'll wait until you decide to price.

  2. Also, I am going to post this on my facebook, since many people are into beading...

  3. I would be interested in the lot of seed miracle & misc. beads in the bottom picture...
    feel free to email me

  4. I'm rather keen on the labradorite tear drops, if they're still available!
    You can get ahold of me at !

  5. I'd be interested in some of the charms:

    Small silver moon charm
    the double sided dragon
    the double sided hanging faerie

  6. I am interested in 150 each of the AB teardrops in white and black, 150 (maybe more) of the light purple flower spacers, and the lg tinkerbell charm with jeweled wings.

    I'm also interested in the seed beads and miracle beads. Fave colors to use are blues and purples, pinks and black and white.

  7. I'd like the "Green Aventurine and Silver Humming Bird Pendant," my email is

  8. Nedda, thankyou SO much! My parcel arrived today, and I was SO EXCITED to find the pendant in there! You're thoroughly awesome, and I'm spoilt! Can't wait to string it on something and wear it now. 8-)

    So thankyou thankyou thankyou again! made my day! 8-D

  9. Nedda IS the awesome, isn't she Amy? I got my stuff from her a few days ago and I've been happily sorting beads and Jen's made a bracelet and I'm planning....